Bath Soak - Romance

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Everyone needs a spot of romance in their life and the bath soak is the ultimate Romeo. Infused with the essence of Sweet Orange, Lavender, and Bulgaria Rose oils, it will moisturize and cleanse your skin leaving it softer than ever before.

Himalayan crystal salt is the purest form of salt on earth, richly consisting of 84 minerals. This is combined with magnesium sulfate, known as Epsom Salt, and infused with our beautiful aromatherapy essential oil blends, tossed with dried botanical flowers. Soothes insect bites, blisters, and helps with arthritis. Aids as an effective treatment for dry skin, psoriasis, and acne. Drawing toxins from the body, relieving pain, cramps, and soothes tired muscles. Our Bath Soak cleanses and detoxifies, leaving smooth, soft, and healthier skin. You will feel renewed and refreshed!


Simply add the desired amount to your tub to allow the crystal salts to dissolve. Use it for a sensational spa experience, soak before a pedicure or relief from sore, tired feet.  


Himalayan Crystal Salt, Epson Salt. Essential Oils of Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender Bulgaria*, Palmarosa, Rose Absolute Bulgaria, Vanilla CO2 Extract. Organic Sweet Orange Peels, Lavender Buds, Organic Rose Petals,  Rose Buds.

* Certified Organic